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Cubic 35" Longboard

Sold Out, Made to order -- Ships in 2-3 weeks

Sold Out, Made to order -- Ships in 2-3 weeks

two trees planted

Handcrafted Performance, Naturally Unique 

The Cubic is a downhill oriented longboard cruiser -- aggressive enough to take on that steep run you've been eyeing and playful enough to have a blast carving down to the store for some beers. The top mounted design provides high speed stability and extra leverage for carving and sliding. Half inch concave paired with accentuated footbeds keeps you locked in, while a stiff flex provides a stable ride. 



Built on our handmade 7-ply maple core, encased in our signature hardwood graphics and finished with a marine grade polyurethane and Lucid's crushed glass grip, the Cubic Longboard is guaranteed to turn heads while you shred.



Longboard Tech Specs:

7 Ply Maple Core

34.5" length

29.5" Wheelbase

10" width

1/2" concave

Lucid Grip -- Clear, recycled glass grip

Available with Paris 50° reverse kingpin trucks

Choice of Orangatang Stimulus or 4 President 75mm Wheels


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
4years of solid fun

Hi all! I bought my cubic back around late 2018 out of a Portland night market. I had been looking for a board for awhile and this one really caught my eye! The vendors were kind and answered all my questions about using it as a first time skateboard.
I got to tell you it was worth every penny- back then I paid around 2hunnits.
I rode around campus, my town, and now Washington. I still get compliments and all my friends loved riding it- smooth as butter, beautiful, well made, and it's aged fine! The trucks and hardware are high quality and have held up well. Overall low maintenance. I love my cubic. Its a board, an art piece, and a good time!

Fast and stylish

“Fast and stylish” was the feedback from my brother who actually does the skateboarding. I’m just the financial backer. I’ll elaborate on his behalf. The wheels are cushioned for a smooth ride and have a firm grip. He nearly fell carving when expecting to slide, but trusted the board and followed through. I saw him narrowly dodge a bulldozer on a tight turn that some boards couldn’t have done. He really likes the extended footpad area too. Size is good for cruising yet compact for transport. He keeps it in the back of the car as he drives around for work in case he finds a neighborhood with nice gradual sloping hills (cuz it’s fast). Moves well on the straight aways too, he cruised for 2 whole minutes on one push.
Last but not least, it’s gorgeous. But we knew that already. Shout out to the crew that makes these beautiful AND technical boards! The ride and quality hardware really shows the team knows what skateboards and longboards are about.

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