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Timber Line Wood Inlay Samsung Galaxy S21 Case

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Precision Handcrafted, Naturally Unique

Inspired by the Pacific Northwest’s lush, coniferous forests and looming volcanic peaks, the Timberline case captures the majestic PNW landscape in all its glory. Handcrafted from FSC Certified sustainably sourced hardwoods and hand finished with a natural oil finish, our cases are meticulously crafted to be the best wood inlay phone cases ever made. Using a proprietary resin technique, our wood graphics are bonded together leaving no gaps or cracks and sanded smooth, for a luxurious surface that will never chip, crack or peel, guaranteed. Coupled with an ultra thin, shock absorbent rubber enclosure with integrated buttons and oversize access to the charging port and headphone jack, our cases make your phone feel more natural in your hands. Satisfaction guaranteed, love it or let us know.

What happens when you place your order?

Peep behind the scenes at Rustek and what goes into making and shipping our handmade wood inlay phone cases. And yes. We do really skate your orders to the post office.

Customer Reviews

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Tristan Little
Beautiful Case

I've had this case for about a month and a half now, and the beautiful inlaid wood doesn't show any signs of wearing away or fading, despite me using the phone a good portion of the day. While the case allows a little bit more debris in behind it, it is really well designed that it is super easy to remove intentionally to clean, but doesn't come off on its own or unintentionally.

I can't speak for it's durability, as I have yet to drop my phone and do not intend to, however I'm more confident in it then the cases that google offers for the pixel.



Daniel B Sweigart

The inlay is stunning, and reminds my of home out west while I have to work on the east coast. Case fits the pixel 6 pro perfectly, and is 100% compatible with the white stone dome screen protector.

Sally Greer
My favorite case is Rustek!

This is my third Rustek case. The first was Mt. Hood and I had it for several years with many compliments. Then it got run over when it bounced away while on my bike. The cover stilled looked good but my phone didn't. Duplicate case the next day on my new phone. A month ago I got a new phone, 13 mini and went back to Rustek for the new version of Mt. Hood at timberline. I love it and am getting more compliments. One comment is although I like the idea of the birds, they are not large enough to really recognize at first what they are. So they are not necessary. Thinking about getting the dessert version with cactus for my friend who spends half her year in Borrego Springs! I appreciate this creative group!!!

Scott Sebree
Highly recommended

I am very happy with this product, so happy after receiving it I turned right around and placed another order.

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