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Chet Malinow x Rustek Inlay Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Case

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Precision Handcrafted, Naturally Unique

We teamed up with local Portland artist Chet Malinow to create these mind bending cases featuring his signature style, created from Sapele and Maple veneer graphics, precisely hand inlaid and finished to be unlike any other. Coupled with an ultra thin, shock absorbent rubber enclosure with integrated buttons and easy access to the charging port and headphone jack our cases make your phone feel more natural in your hands. Our wood graphics are bonded together with a high strength epoxy and hand finished, retaining a smooth, real wood feel that will never chip, crack or peel. We create Google Pixel Cases, iPhone cases, and Samsung cases. Satisfaction guaranteed, love it or let us know. 


What happens when you place your order?

Peep behind the scenes at Rustek and what goes into making and shipping our handmade wood inlay phone cases. And yes. We do really skate your orders to the post office.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Distinctive, Good-looking, and Durable

This phone case has been in service for about 6 weeks and is holding up extremely well through the heat and occasional dampness of summer. The artistic inlay design has prompted numerous enthusiastic comments! Thanks for the craftsmanship and creativity.

Daniela Lopez


Christian Maron
Crazy Stylish, Mostly Functional

First off I want to say I am obsessed with how beautiful the design of this case is, and how well it was executed. You can tell they use some real quality wood and care about their work. My one gripe, that some other reviewers have mentioned, is that the side buttons are very difficult to differentiate. I didn't think this would be a much of an annoyance as I originally thought, but I often accidentally close my phone or increase my volume when I meant to lower my volume, etc. It isn't hard to press the buttons, but they aren't raised so it's hard to feel for what you're trying to press. Besides that, I enjoy the rough texture on the sides of the case, helps with grip.

Jacob Witte


Thomas Nguyen
Very stylish case!

I was looking for a phone case that gave a little midcentury vintage vibe. The beautiful wood design was just that, and the backing is of very high quality. I wish that the case itself was made of a more solid material (think Otterbox?) and that the buttons are more pronounced.

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