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Jungle Flora Inlay iPhone XS Max Case

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Precision Handcrafted, Naturally Unique

House plants. They’re like nature for your house. Well here’s some nature for your phone. Ah, thats better. Handcrafted from FSC Certified sustainably sourced hardwoods and hand finished with a natural oil finish, our cases are meticulously crafted to be the best wood inlay phone cases ever made. Using a proprietary resin technique, our wood graphics are bonded together leaving no gaps or cracks and sanded smooth, for a luxurious surface that will never chip, crack or peel, guaranteed. Coupled with an ultra thin, shock absorbent rubber enclosure with integrated buttons and oversize access to the charging port and headphone jack, our cases make your phone feel more natural in your hands. Satisfaction guaranteed, love it or let us know.

What happens when you place your order?

Peep behind the scenes at Rustek and what goes into making and shipping our handmade wood inlay phone cases. And yes. We do really skate your orders to the post office.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Beautifully made!

This phone case is absolutely gorgeous! The shapes fit together seamlessly and the coloration is exquisite. The buttons on the side lay a little flat for my preference, but the case is definitely worth it!

Samuel Crick
Hands down, best phone case I’ve ever purchased.

I visited Portland a few years ago and came across one of your pop ups at a marketplace. Ended up buying a case for my iPhone 7 and honestly, it was such a good choice.

Not only does this case do what a phone case should do (protect it) but it looks so damn good. After using the case I had originally bought on both my iPhone 7 and iPhone SE (it fit both surprisingly well) when it came time to upgrade to an iPhone 12 mini, I already knew which brand I was going with.

The ONLY complaint I have with the new case is that the side buttons don’t extrude, which can make it hard to find. (I often find myself having to feel around the case before eventually hitting a button)

But overall, my experience with these phone cases has been phenomenal.

Dayna Clifford
Beautiful and fits well

My phone that is falling apart looks brand new in this case lmao

Great case and artistry

Very stylish, comfortable and protective case. Really enjoying it!

Best phone case in the world!!!

Jungle Flora case makes me very happy. I opted to wait to purchase my Pixel 5 phone until Rustek started making cases for it. My previous Rustek case is still in great condition after daily use for 3 years. I get so many compliments on the beautiful patterns and craftsmanship of the case. Thank you Rustek!

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