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Oregon Treeline Inlay Trucker Cap

two trees planted

Precision Handcrafted, Naturally Unique

The Oregon Treeline inlay trucker cap is custom designed and hand made using only the highest quality hand selected natural materials to be unlike any other hat ever made. Literally. Nobody's ever made anything like it, so step your hat game up and stand out from the crowd with a hat as unique as you.

Handmade from Walnut and Maple wood veneer, bonded to a flexible bamboo backing and fully sealed against liquids, oils and stains, these are the most unique patches ever made.

Tech Specs:

  • Cork Crown
  • Wood Inlay Patch
  • Engraved Treeline Design
  • Handmade
  • Snapback Design
  • Engraved Maple/Bamboo Logo


Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Nicest hat I own - hands down

Really impressive high quality products like this are hard to come by these days. Love the strong focus on sustainability shown by this company. This company is a poster child for how companies should operate and where they should put their focus. Well done!

Trenton Duran

Colorado Treeline Inlay Trucker Cap

These are bad ass!

We ordered 3 of them and love them!! Thank you!!

Navin Bora
Outstanding quality!

Outstanding quality and attention to detail -- easily the most functional and beautiful hat I have, and I look forward to adding to my collection soon!

Justin Kendrick
The bomb drop of a wearable statement

I work very hard for everything I have, and everything I have has to be justified. This hat is so well and uniquely made ; "as unique as you"... I'm so proud of Rustek for their products and for their commitment as a successful business to give back to a cause that matters. Not just a conversation piece, but a statement. Thank you, Rustek!

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