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Sun Sets West Inlay iPhone SE Case

Precision Handcrafted, Naturally Unique

We teamed up with local Oregon artist, surfer and outdoor enthusiast Erik Abel to create this stunning coastal landscape design featuring his signature style, uniquely adapted to our inlay process. We were inspired to work with Eric not only for his stunning work, but for our mutual passion for the outdoors, the beauty of nature and the good times they bring.

“The pure and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest inspired me to focus on a more natural subject matter, free from anything manmade.” -- Erik Abel

We feel that. We’re stoked you do too! In the collective spirit of our brand, if you like our collaboration with Eric Abel we encourage you to check out his page, drop him a follow, check out his art and consider supporting his other amazing work!
Handcrafted from FSC Certified sustainably sourced hardwoods and hand finished with a natural oil finish, our cases are meticulously crafted to be the best wood inlay phone cases ever made. Using a proprietary resin technique, our wood graphics are bonded together leaving no gaps or cracks and sanded smooth, for a luxurious surface that will never chip, crack or peel, guaranteed. Coupled with an ultra thin, shock absorbent rubber enclosure with integrated buttons and oversize access to the charging port and headphone jack, our cases make your phone feel more natural in your hands. Satisfaction guaranteed, love it or let us know.

What happens when you place your order?

Peep behind the scenes at Rustek and what goes into making and shipping our handmade wood inlay phone cases. And yes. We do really skate your orders to the post office.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Love the design and texture. Great product!

Thank you so much for sending me this lovely cute iphone case.
I love it and will recommend to my friends.

It's beautiful

The case is awesome. Looks great and even works with the wireless charger

Beautiful artwork

Love the case! Stylish and original!

Sweet case

Big fan of Abel Arts and happened to see him promote this case a knew I needed to snag it. It’s really well constructed, already dropped it a few times and no damage to the wood at all. Great for mind surfing when your bored too!

Beach Phone Case review

This phone case is great. I'm down here in sunny Santa Barbara, CA and the vibes on this case mesh perfectly with the beach life. If you hold it up to your ear you can hear the ocean. If you lick it, it tastes like the sea. It can be used as a summoning focus to call forth Poseidon, God of the Deep. Everywhere I go, when I pull out this phone case I can feel the deep currents of the boundless sea push me forward along the tides of fate.

If you shake it, occasionally a coconut will fall out; I blame the palm tree.

From a technical perspective this phone case is good. It has grippy sides, but the back is smooth and feels good to the touch. Everything fits extremely well, the buttons are easy to use, etc etc.

10/10 would buy another one, and probably will for my next phone.

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