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Choosing A Skateboard - Rustek

Choosing A Skateboard

November 17, 2017

Choosing A Skateboard

Not sure which skateboard best suits your style? We made this guide to help you choose your ultimate shred stick. The decision comes down to a couple of factors based on the kind of riding you’ll be doing, we’ve broken it all down below so you can choose the best board for your style of riding. All of our boards are designed to be versatile and capable, but each one has a distinct character that will be most rewarding when properly matched to your riding style.

Board Type

We make two main types of boards, skateboards and longboards. Each is designed for a specific style of riding, understanding the differences between the two styles of boards will help determine which board best fits your riding style.




Designed for carving, commuting and bombing hills, longboards are a highly functional and versatile. The longer wheelbase makes for a larger turning radius and therefore smoother carving and a more comfortable ride. We use reverse kingpin trucks from Paris, which allow for extra deep carving at lower speed and stability at high speeds. Longboards generally feature larger wheels than traditional skateboards, allowing them to glide over bumps and cracks smoothly, making them more comfortable on rough pavement and less effort for long rides. The Tesselate longboard features drop through truck mounts, bringing it closer to the ground for comfortable pushing and stability. 39” length makes it flexible and playful, which is great for most kinds of riding, but at really high speeds a firmer ride can be desirable. The Cubic longboard provides a stiffer flex, great for hill bombing at high speeds, and at 35” long it is slightly tighter turning and more aggressive than the Tesselate. Top mounted design gives extra control for sliding 


Featuring a kick nose and tail, these boards are made to shred everything in traditional street skating style. If hopping and dropping curbs or hitting the skate park are part of what you’re looking to do, these are the boards for you. The Burnside is our slightly oversize street deck, designed for higher speeds and longer rides. Larger wheels provide a smoother ride and the longer wheelbase provides stability and control at high speeds. If you’re a tall rider or someone who enjoys taking their board to max speed, the Burnside will be the deck for you. The Fremont is a comparable size to a standard street deck, making it super maneuverable and portable, perfect if you’re looking for an around town deck. Due to the smaller size and lighter weight it will be easier to pop, flip and maneuver, or sling under your arm or in a skate pack while you run errands, grab coffee or hit the bars.

Just getting started? Not sure what your style is or what to do with all of this info? Thats alright, theres more.

The easiest learning board that we offer is the Tesselate. Offering the smoothest ride, lowest center of gravity and softest flex this is the most forgiving board to ride or get started riding. This is the team favorite, designed to ride like a snowboard this board conquers all in comfort and style, but there's no such thing as a perfect skateboard. Depending on the type of riding you're looking to get into potential drawbacks include:

No kick tail -- all 4 wheels of this board are meant to stay on the ground. Kick turns, hopping curbs, ollies and other airborne tricks are not what it is designed for. If this is what you're looking for, consider the Burnside or Fremont Skateboards.

Long Wheelbase: Being our longest wheelbase board this will not be the most maneuverable board for crowded sidewalks and small spaces.

If dropping curbs, popping ollies and dodging tight crowds on the sidewalk are more the type of riding you are looking to get into definitely best suited to a skateboard. 

Got more questions? Shoot us an email at Info@Rustek.co, we're always happy to answer questions or hop on the phone to provide further insight into what will be the best board for you.

Happy Skating -- 


Clayton & Miles Hume



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