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Two trees planted for every product sold

Our Story


You know the saying, if you want something done right, do it yourself. In order to bring our customers the best possible products we make everything we can in house, by hand, by ourselves in our mobile shop trailer. Our wooden phone cases, skateboards, and longboards are all handcrafted by us. Not everything can be handmade by two people in a trailer though, so we collaborate with craftspeople of the maker community to bring the best possible collection of handcrafts to you!


We believe that the foundation of quality craftsmanship is the materials. We begin by hand selecting the highest quality and most beautiful natural materials, with a focus on timeless materials like wood, leather and wool that have been time tested by craftspeople for hundreds of years, to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality, feel and aesthetic. We believe that the organic variation in each material is in part what makes them beautiful and ensures that every product we make is naturally unique. You will feel the difference in our wood phone cases and boards because of our commitment to sourcing high quality material.


At Rustek we are inspired by and drawn to nature. From skateboarding and snowboarding to camping and exploring, we believe thoroughly in adventure and spending time outdoors. Our handcrafted wood phone cases and skateboard deck designs are inspired by the beauty and geometry found in nature, and thanks to our mobile shop, we make our products out in nature too. We built our shop into a 20' tow behind trailer in order to make our products as we build our brand and community traveling across the country. We're posted up in Portland OR right now, but the spirit of Rustek is and will always be on the road, out in nature.


As a part of our commitment to nature & the outdoors we only source wood from FSC certified sources and use exclusively responsibly sourced, renewable natural textiles. Our leather, wool and cork are sourced from cruelty and chemical free sources. We are now planting a tree for every order to help ensure that future generations can enjoy nature as we do everyday.

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