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Exceptional quality and comfort! Great Fit!

Quality hat that is well built. Close fit with a nice size bill provides comfort and exceptional protection from the sun on your face and nose. Note the obvious there is no sun protection for ears. You will also as with most caps this style have sun exposure on your lower cheeks, lips and jaw use sunscreen on both covered and exposed areas for extra safety for extended exposure to the sun. Looking forward to putting this hat to the test this summer to the point of being fully spent!

Uses will include hiking in elevations and heightened summer temps, fishing, rafting (close fit will work well under helmets for rafting or kayaking). Materials should shed water and dry quickly. Initial reaction, great hat that is made from quality recycled materials. Excited to get out into the elements!

The "Tree" embroidery isn't white like the other hats and what seems white in the picture. It is actually Mint stitching which is OK, but would have preferred White with the Olive Green hat fabric

Loved it while I had it

It was a beautiful hat but ended up in the wash and is now a baby hat. Make sure to hand wash cold. Otherwise it was lovely and I will look to replace it!

The hat is 100 percent quality

I hesitated purchasing this because of the price but I'm glad I got over that hesitation. This hat is gorgeous (I love love the design, both on the lid and hat itself), supports a local business, uses earth friendly materials, and is so comfy! I have a history of hats not fitting me well too, so I was so pleased that it fits my head just fine. Get this hat!

Touch the Sky Sticker

Top notch! This is a classy addition to my vintage autoharp. The cherry stain is actually a close match to the aged maple of my instrument. Easy to apply without removing the strings as it is rigid and not floppy like plastic decals. I like the subtle smoky aroma from the wood-burning as well.

Good hat...too small.

The quality is very good: fabric, stitching, etc. But, alas, it is too shallow and the brim too small for a 7 1/4+ head. It's like a big man in a tiny suit (plus a headache). I was disappointed and should have returned it.

Organic cotton black beanie

Great fit and nice feel. keeps the head warm and fresh.

Copper Marino wool beanie

looked and felt great, shrank a ton after the first wash. I washed with cold water and air dried and it still shrank.

Beautiful green color and texture

Great merino wool beanie keeps my bald head cozy warm and without sweating. A nice green looking color and texture - love it. Only wish the double rib wasn't prone to getting caught on things like velcro and zippers. I am able to reshape it after threads get snagged, but be careful.

So good, had to buy it again when I lost it

Love this cap. I'm a bald dude, so I've got to keep the dome covered when it get's chilly. Was looking for merino wool so that I could beat the wind chill and not get stinky sweat in it. This cap does the job! Charcoal is a perfect neutral color that goes with many outfits, however, it does make it hard to spot in a dark bag or on black car seats. I also love that there is not a huge bold logo on the front. I wear this to my professional office job on those cold winter days. Lost it this past winter and just had to buy it again!


Love my beanies! They feel like a warm hug on my head :)

Wool beanie

Awesome product. Love it.

Camp cap

Great hat. I love it. Fits great and stylish even for an old guy like me!


Awesome product. thanks

Love it

It’s perfect.

Seek and enjoy black hemp camp hat

I’m very happy with the shape, size and fit of the black hemp camp hat. Be aware that the color on some of the pictures on the website is off (maybe an optical illusion). The pictures of the cap on its own with a white background make the black color appear faded and almost a dark brown. The one picture of it being worn by a snowboarder is more accurate with the deep black color of the hat. To be fair the color description is black, but it makes me second guess the true color tone of their products. The quality seems great so I’ll probably get an additional hat and hope the color matches my expectations.

Great Gift for my Fiance

I got this for my fiance to wear as he is moving away from synthetic materials. It was a bit tight when he first got it, but he has a pretty large head and said it soon stretched out and now fits perfectly. He loves it and wears it everyday!

Great fabric and kept my head nice and warm!

Nice fit and finish but not warm enough.

Let me state the positives first. It is a well made hat and is quite comfortable with a very soft touch. With that being said I consider this a urban hat or one for warmer days. This would get a 5 star if one is looking for a town hat that is stylish and places form and comfort over function and performance. The knit is too loose and as such allows too much air to pass through even with the slightest breeze or in my sake colder temps. Secondly I have a fairly large head and really need to pull the hat down to get a double roll to cover my ears completely. For me this hat will sit in the backup bin for warmer days or when I go out to dinner and want something to take the chill off and look nice.

Great quality

I got a beanie for myself and my husband both of us are very satisfied! The quality of the beanies are A+! & I love that I’m not wearing plastic on my head (aka polyester)

Beautiful hat and fits perfectly ! And shipping was lightening fast !

One more

i purchased this new beanie for my grandson after previously purchasing one for myself. I was very happy with the quality, look, and fit of mine so decided to pass one on. Great product!


You'll be sure to TURN heads with this dope hat! 1. it's the most comfy thing that's been on my head besides my CAT!! 2. It's stylish AF!! 3. AND NO PLASTIC!!! Finally something that aligns w all my life vibes!!

Astoria hemp camp cap

I appreciate the quality craftsmanship and the materials used, and I love the environmentally conscious focus of the company. The hat itself doesn’t quite fit how I like it. The bill is longer than I usually like and something about the top of the hat leaves extra fabric that sort of folds up on the top of my head and gives me a kind of President Koopa vibe that isn’t really my style. I’ll keep wearing the hat, but I don’t love it as much as I had hoped I would.