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Rustek Reviews

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It's pretty nice

Minnesota curved hat

I love the hat and have gotten compliments for how it looks.

Nice beanie

This is a very high quality, and warm beanie. Well worth the price. My only complaint was the brand tag is huge! I cut it off.

Love this case!

First off, the design is beautiful! The case is lightweight and slim which is perfect for my, already big, Galaxy S21 Ultra. Great protection so far too! It came earlier than I expected and was packaged well

Warm and beautiful

I love the fact that this is 100% merino and made in the USA by a small start up. The material feels thick and I'm confident it will keep my head warm in cold temps (it's not yet cold here). Purchased the charcoal color.

The hat is sewn together in a way that it sits weird on your head unless you have the cork tag positioned off center to the left side of your head. I don't have an issue with that, as I feel it looks cute that way, but something to keep in mind, bc even if I try to position the hat off center but with the tag to the right it fits and looks weird.

One constructive piece of feedback I have for the Rustek team is that when the hat is on my head the cork tag billows out and doesn't sit flat. It looks a bit strange, so I'd recommend sewing it right at the top and bottom (instead of just the bottom) to remedy that issue. That's something small and it's just me being picky. Overall it's a great hat, and I highly recommend purchasing it.

Axis Wood Inlay Google Pixel 3a Case

A Beanie That Matters

Rusteks beanie performs, when other beanies rely on branding to make them relevant. This beanie looks great and feels great, the Merino wool is exactly what I was looking for. Added bonus that the design shows when the beanie is both rolled and unrolled! Great outdoorsy gift!

I love my phone case

I love the design and feel of this case. As an Oregonian, I’m so happy to have this cool representation of Mt. Hood. And the case is just the right weight and feel.


I love this phone case, beautifully crafted and perfectly incorporates my love of the PNW. Also the fact that buying one helps plant trees? Yes, yes, yes.

Great Phone Case

I’ve never been one to care about the aesthetic or quality of my phone case. For the last year and a half, I had a phone case that was literally falling apart. I decided to switch it up and find a phone case with some personality and durability! My Rustek phone case has great artwork of nature and a snug/comforting fit for my phone. Rustek’s pledge to conserve nature more than they use it pushed me over the edge in purchasing their product! Will definitely buy again.

Love the case!

Great case, looks good and fits nicely. It's a little more slippery than some of the past wood cases I've had from other companies such as Carved, but overall solid option!

Good quality, many compliments!

Great integrity, pretty flush wood, and the design looks just like the picture for me.

Great case. Firm button presses

The case is gorgeous and well made. My only frustration is that the buttons on the side require very firm presses to activate.

Sun Sets West Inlay iPhone SE Case

Treeline 100% Merino Wool + Cork Beanie

Looks fantastic

It arrived a day early, it looks awesome, I've dropped my phone a lot. Still no cracks in the screen. 👍 Dried my last phone so much that it seized functioning. So good job.

Great design

Love the real wood inlay. Very cool case.

Excellent everything

I really like this company. I usually don't leave reviews but Rustek makes that super easy as well as pretty much everything else involved in ordering from there company. I will one day get another hat my first one isn't even that bad. Meaning the second hat I got will stay in much better condition for far longer, but I do hope when I do need one you get more designs please. Not sure what more flower designs are awesome like a lotus first one I think. Custom design stuff would be fun to have as well because max creativity for this guy but sure that hard. Zodiac signs would be awesome. Sorry got carried away I'm sure you guys have plenty in the works and I hope the best for this company. Best wishes to all who work there.

Great case

The case looks amazing. It feels nice and is durable. I would recommend this phone case.

Perfect phone case

I have gotten so many compliments with this case on my phone. This is the 3rd one I have from this company and they're all beautiful. Will keep buying and referring my friends to the site.

Nice light case.

Case looks amazing and is light weight.

Mt. Rainier Topo 42oz Wide Mouth Bottle

Love it!

The beanie is super cozy and the case is beautiful & protective. It's already defended my phone against a few falls.

Distinctive, Good-looking, and Durable

This phone case has been in service for about 6 weeks and is holding up extremely well through the heat and occasional dampness of summer. The artistic inlay design has prompted numerous enthusiastic comments! Thanks for the craftsmanship and creativity.

Love it, buy it!

❤️❤️❤️ Love my mug ❤️❤️❤️

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