Outdoor goods should be good for the outdoors

We’re on a mission to build the best plastic free outdoor gear on earth, and challenge what it means to be sustainable in the outdoor industry, starting with hats. Until now, sustainable hats didn’t exist. We’re here to change that. Introducing the world’s first complete line of headwear made from the most renewable natural materials on the planet. The way it should be.

Why go natural?

Plastic can never be sustainable. For years, recycled plastic has been touted by the outdoor industry as a sustainable alternative, but the reality is….

Recycled plastic may be more sustainable than virgin plastic, but that’s about it. Even recycled plastic has a high environmental cost. It sheds microplastics into the environment throughout its life, requires a lot of energy to produce, and ultimately only 10% of plastic is ever recycled. This means for every piece of recycled plastic, 9 make their way into the environment and the landfill. Every piece of plastic ever made is still in existence, and will continue to pollute for decades.

As the impact of plastic pollution on the environment continues to grow, it becomes increasingly clear: plastic can NEVER be sustainable. Meanwhile, natural materials have spent millenia evolving to perform in the harshest conditions the planet has to offer, to keep you warm, dry and smiling no matter the conditions. Thats why we're moving to 100% natural materials to create the best, most sustainable outdoor gear on earth.

Join us on our mission to make outdoor goods good for the outdoors, and kick plastic once and for all.

  • Sustainability and global responsibility have been central to our mission from day one. We're proud to be committed members of 1% for the Planet, and their community of amazing brands, manufacturers, and creatives who have committed 1% of annual revenue to conservation causes, pushing the world of industry towards sustainability, conservation, and global responsibility.

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  • We’re proud to partner with Eden Reforestation to offset our environmental impact and make our products effectively carbon-neutral by planting two trees with every purchase. Eden provides economic opportunity with well-paying jobs around the world by hiring local people to plant native species of trees, specific to each region they work in. Through our partnership with Eden, Rustek helps to plant mangrove trees in coastal regions of the world.

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