Not just any wood case

Not just any wood case

November 21, 2017

There are a bunch of wood phone cases out there, you’re probably wondering -- why should I choose Rustek? We’ve specially designed and crafted our cases to be the best damn wood cases out there. Here are a couple of the things we’ve done to make sure that our cases stand out above the competition, because you deserve the best.



Because inlay cases are made up of individual pieces of wood they are inherently more fragile than a single piece of wood. Over time the pieces of wood can warp, crack or fall out of the case. Not ours. Our wood veneer graphics are bonded together with a layer of epoxy, making the veneer layer extremely strong and flexible, ensuring that your wood inlay will remain intact for the life of your phone. Epoxy also fills the cracks between pieces of wood, so the finished surface is completely smooth.




Most wood phone cases are finished with Polyurethane which, while durable, makes your wood feel like plastic(because it is). We retain the buttery-soft, real-wood feel by finishing our cases with a hard wax oil, which seals the surface and protects from liquids and spills, but still feels like real wood. The finish develops a nice patina over time, only getting better with use.




Since we spend so much of our time in the woods and working with wood, it probably comes as no surprise that preserving the world's forests is one of our top priorities. Our cases are inlaid with 100% FSC certified sustainably sourced wood, so you can rest assured that the wood is sourced from responsible forestry practices and renewable resources. Our packaging is made from 100% recycled material and is fully recyclable, minimizing potential impact on the environment as much as possible.


The little things


Because we handcraft each one of our cases fully in house we have ultimate control over the details. In order to minimize waste we 'swap' our inlay pieces between each color of wood, meaning there is almost no waste. This also allows us exact control over the grain direction, ensuring that the woodgrain is perfectly aligned to be sure your case looks perfect, no matter the design.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that you're gonna love your case that we guarantee it. If you're in any way unsatisfied with your purchase just shoot us an email at and we'll send you a shipping label to return the case free of charge and refund your purchase in full. No questions asked.  So if you're interested, try one out! What do you have to lose?

Plus, each one is handcrafted with care by the Hume brothers for your enjoyment, so please, love it or let us know. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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