The Best Plastic-Free Gift Guide for 2022

The Best Plastic-Free Gift Guide for 2022

Kick plastic this holiday season with all-natural products from brands we ❤️!

The holiday season is here, a time for sharing time and presents with family and friends. We know that there’s a lot of over-consumerism happening around this time. But by supporting small businesses that are making a difference, you can still have a positive impact, so instead of encouraging you to buy nothing, we want to prompt you to buy mindfully! 

It’s okay to spread cheer and joy with gifts that are good for the planet and are sure to make friends and family happy. Especially when you’re supporting small businesses making a difference in the world.

In this blog, we rounded up all of our favorite brands and collaborators who are creating amazing plastic-free products. And we know anyone would love them. Plus, by gifting eco-conscious products, you can help others get started on their own journey with sustainability. 

These are the best natural, plastic-free products to gift in 2022:


Girl on skeatboard sliding down a hill wearing all-natural clothing

Looking for the best natural clothing? Our friends at Jungmaven are making some of the best hemp clothing on earth—right here in the USA! 

From cozy tees and sweatshirts to rugged jackets and pants, Jungmaven has beautiful options. And they’re all made from luxurious hemp blended with merino wool and organic cotton. The best nature has to offer! 

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Reprise Activewear

A woman laying on her side wearing Reprise activewear

Looking for plastic-free activewear? Reprise is on a mission to keep plastic off your body by creating some of the first plastic-free activewear and accessories. 

From leggings and sweats to yoga mats and cork massage balls, Reprise has plastic-free solutions for all your active and loungewear needs. Did we mention their collection uses plant-based materials? No polyester or microplastics—the way it should be! 

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Two soap bars sitting next to each other in a grey background

Ready to make the switch to plastic-free, natural soap? Sustainable soapmaker and Rustek’s collaborator Redbudsuds makes some of the best palm-free soaps out there.  

Powered by local, all-natural ingredients, their sustainable lines of locally sourced, handcrafted hand and shower bars, and laundry soaps have everything you need to keep your home clean, and fresh— kicking naughty ingredients out of your home.

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Pure Brewing 

A flight of sustainable beers sitting in front of beer barrels

You can get beer that makes a difference! Our friends and collaborators at Pure Brewing are pioneering beer as a force for good. From their six-pronged approach to sustainability, support of local & organic ingredients, and community-minded ways, we believe Pure is doing beer right. 

From crisp lagers to juicy IPAs and barrel-aged heavy hitters, Pure has something for any beer lover on your list (and they ship too!).  

PS – check out the collection of custom Rustek x Pure Brewing Merchandise for a combo gift they’re sure to love!

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Three Bivo bottles of water in a blue background with moss and other plants

For all you cyclists out there. Ever think about how much you drink out of plastic? Well, that's exactly what led ​​Carina Hamel & Robby Ringe to create Bivo— the world’s first stainless steel water bottle with a flow rate designed for cyclists. 

Full disclosure, the lid is BPA/BPS/BPF free polypropylene with silicone components. Not 100% plastic-free but we’re all about progress over perfection. This is a huge step for sports bottle technology and we’re here to celebrate that! 

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Lava Linens 

A woman and a dog sitting on a natural Lava Linnen towel

Who are you calling a towel? From soggy Terrycloth to Microfiber, the king of microplastics, it seems all ‘travel towels’ have their issues… until now. Lavalinens has reimagined the travel towel to be everything you’ve ever needed and so much more. 

Using french linen and hemp, Lavalinens are super absorbent, packable, lightweight, quick-drying, and anti-microbial, making them better than terrycloth towels in… just about every measurable way. 

Plus, the company is run by a mother-daughter duo! 

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Powells Books 

Support the world’s largest independent bookstore! Books make great gifts, and nothing is more sustainable than buying secondhand! Whether you’re in Portland or shopping online, Powells has the best selection of secondhand, rare, and bestselling books, local gifts, and more. 

At Powells, you’ll find anything from cookbooks to novels and travel. Plus, they offer nationwide shipping, so skip Amazon this holiday season, and shop small with Powells!

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A man wearing a plastic-free rustek hat, holding the brim with both hands and looking down at the ground

Yes! We made it to our own gift guide… cause if you or anyone you know wears hats, and is tired of plastic, our new headwear collection has the only plastic-free hats on Earth. Now is your opportunity to give the gift of plastic-free hats up to 30% off! 

Plus, our best-selling beanies made with 100% organic cotton and merino wool—the best materials for warmth, comfort, and style—make the perfect gift for the cold weather.

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