6 Good Reasons Why You Need to Switch to a Wooden Phone Case

6 Good Reasons Why You Need to Switch to a Wooden Phone Case

The next most exciting thing about getting a new phone is choosing a new phone case—one that protects your phone and looks good. But there are too many options out there and choosing the right one can be tough. You might not even be sure about what you should be looking for in a phone case! 

Well, we’ve been there…that’s why we created the best wooden phone case. But to help you get some clarity, these are a few things you should be looking for in a top-quality case:  

  • Durability 

  • Style + Design

  • Protection 

  • Price 

With so many materials, disposable cases, and misinformation about which phone cases actually work best, we wanted to share with you why wooden phone cases are the best option. And not only to keep your phone protected but also to keep it looking stylish without overspending. 

In this blog, we’re doing a deep dive into wooden phone cases, their best features, and why they offer the best protection for your phone. 

These are 6 reasons why wooden phone cases are the best option to keep your phone protected. 

3 wooden phone cases with the forest as background

We might be a bit biased towards wooden phone cases—we do make them after all. But it’s for a good reason! They’re protective, they look great, and they’re long-lasting. But there are many other reasons why wooden phone cases are simply the best option—especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. 

1. Wooden Phone Cases Last

Yup. You read that right. Wooden phone cases are long-lasting and can outlive other cases—including plastic, leather, or silicone. This is because of the dynamic duo used in most wooden phone cases—TPU rubber and wood. 

Most wooden phone cases (including ours!) use a TPU rubber lining that is outstanding at absorbing impact damage from falls or drops. Plus, it keeps your phone protected while being lightweight and non-bulky. 

At Rustek, we handcraft wooden cases first and foremost to protect your phone. Looking great is just a side effect 😏.  They’re as durable as they are protective. 

2. Unique Designs 

Most phone cases come in the same or very similar designs, colors, and patterns. This is where wooden phone cases stand out—the one-of-a-kind designs. Even the most basic wood phone cases can look amazing and unique.  

Plus, each piece of wood veneer (the wooden sheet used to create the cases) is unique in itself, so no case is ever the same. Our wooden phone cases are designed by local artists and made by hand in the US by our dedicated team of craftspeople—making the cases even more unique. 

3. Wooden Phone Cases are Better for the Environment

There is enough plastic pollution in the world already—and replacing as much plastic as possible with natural materials is a small step toward fixing this issue. And that's what we do with our wooden phone cases (and more!). 

Rustek’s phone cases are crafted only with FSC-certified sustainably sourced wood. It also uses ultra-thin natural rubber to add an extra layer of protection. Rubber and wood are shock-absorbent, giving your phone the ultimate protection it needs. 

We believe that what makes a phone case truly sustainable is its ability to protect your phone. It takes way more resources to create your phone than a phone case. That’s why at Rustek we focus on quality and durability. 

Yes, we want to rely on natural, biodegradable materials as much as possible, like FSC-certified wood. But we also want your phone to be geared up to stand up to any falls and come out in one piece. We believe protection is the most important feature of a phone case and is the biggest sustainability concern in creating a case that’s good for the planet.

Plus, we plant two trees for every item sold as a way to give back more than what we take from nature. 

4. Wooden Phone Cases Age Well 

When choosing a phone case, you’ll want one that will protect your phone and look good for years to come. Plastic phone cases tend to get stained, peel at the corners, crack easily, and make your beautifully designed piece of technology look worn out. That isn’t the case for wooden phone cases—quite the opposite actually! 

Wooden phone cases are like wine—they age well. As time passes, wood stands the test of time. Chips and dents add personality and won’t make your phone case look worn out. Plus, the natural oils from your hands help in polishing the wood every time you use it and giving it an extra smooth feel. 

5. Handcrafted Wooden Cases for the Win!  

Unlike average phone cases that are mass-produced overseas with cheap materials, our wooden phone cases are handcrafted to order. Our team of skilled craftspeople puts each phone case together in our woodshop. 

Our phone cases are not only of unparalleled fit and finish, but they support the livelihood of dedicated artists and craftspeople, right here in the USA. We take care of every little detail that makes a phone case of outstanding quality—making sure it holds up to your adventurous lifestyle. 

6. Carry a Piece of Nature With You 

Our phone cases act as a little reminder of the vast beauty of our planet. And you literally get to carry a little piece of nature with you. We have many nature-inspired designs that will have people asking you where you got your case all the time.

What makes Rustek’s Wooden Cases stand out? 

At Rustek, we’re handcrafting phone cases that last and keep your phone in the best condition possible—even through those accidental drops. And you don’t have to compromise style for quality. We have both. And a lot more. 

  • Durability 

Our cases are made with FSC Certified, sustainably sourced wood and TPU rubber. The rubber is key for shock absorption—allowing for a lightweight case without sacrificing protection. TPU rubber also protects your phone from heat damage over time. 

For a resistant case + real-wood feel, we finish our cases with penetrating wax oil. This oil seals the surface and protects your phone from liquids while keeping a natural wood feeling. This finish develops a patina over time, getting better with each and every use.

Our phone cases are bonded together with a layer of resin, making the veneer layer both durable and flexible. The resin also fills the cracks between pieces of wood, so the finished surface is completely smooth.

  • Sustainability 

Our cases are inlaid with 100% FSC certified, sustainably sourced wood.  The wood is both responsibly sourced from dead and dying trees, and is a renewable resource. And to give back more than we take to craft our cases, we plant two trees for every case sold.

  • Plastic-Free Packaging 

Wooden phone case in its plastic free, recycled packaging

The packaging for your new case is made from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard. It’s fully recyclable and compostable. Everything that goes into your case, from design to shipping, is done with the environment at the forefront. 

  • Peace of mind 

We stand behind the quality of our wooden phone cases. That’s why you get a 30-day exchange/return policy guaranteed with every purchase. No questions asked. Just email info@rustek.co and we'll make sure you're taken care of. 

Plus, we also have a two-year limited warranty. We got your back—and so do our products. 

Try our wooden phone cases risk-free. 

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