• Hemp

  • Organic Cotton

  • Bamboo

  • Cork

  • Merino Wool

  • Veg Tanned Leather

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...and that's it!

no plastic brims, fibers or hardware, just 100% natural goodness. Ethically made in Canada & finished in Portland, OR.

Introducing Corkflex

Our proprietary, patent pending brim construction. Made from cork and bamboo, Corkflex brims are softer, lighter and more comfortable than plastic brims. The only thing you’ll wonder is why plastic hats are still a thing.

  • Plastic Free

    Until now, all hats were made with plastic. We didn’t think that was cool, so we decided to do something about it. 

  • Renewable

    Made exclusively from the most renewable resources on earth. Cork, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton.... and thats it! 

  • Two Trees Planted

    To make sure your hat gives back to the planet more than it takes to make, we’re planting two trees for every one!

Sustainable goods give back

We're planting two trees for every item sold to ensure each of our products gives back to the natural world more than it takes, and leaves nothing behind.

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