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Shop Small, Shop PNW:  The Rustek 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Shop Small, Shop PNW: The Rustek 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

December 04, 2020

Shop Small, Shop PNW:

Rustek 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Here at Rustek, we don’t just leave our passion for quality products at the shop when we head home for the day. Our love for well made, well thought out products is a defining piece of who we are. This holiday season, in an effort to help people find amazing gifts for the holidays directly from the makers, and skip big retail, we’ve put together this Shop Small gift guide featuring some of the best gear we’ve had the pleasure of using over the last few years, from a handful of our favorite businesses that we also love supporting. We interviewed the Rustek team for input, then put together a guide of some of our favorite businesses to help you shop small this holiday season. From socks to salt, we’ve got you covered with ideas for everyone on your list!

Outdoor/Adventure Gear

FTGU Socks
Sure, people used to joke about giving socks for Christmas, but we promise, nobodys gonna be laughing once they unpack these stellar socks. If you want to give the gift of socks that will knock their old socks right off, look no further. As a team of outdoorspeople, we’ve tried all of the ‘critically acclaimed’ socks over the years, from Smartwool to Darn Tough, and From the Ground Up is hands down our favorite.  These puppies are made from sustainably sourced merino wool (one of our favorite materials here at Rustek), sport beautiful PNW mountain designs, and 5% percent of each sale is donated to the Washing Trails Association. Whether you’re cozying up by the fire or hitting the trails, these socks are sure to be a favorite (and functional) gift.
A great complement to our 100% merino + cork beanies, merino wool head to toe!
The outdoor blanket to rule them all. Fully waterproof, these blankets truly make all the other picnic blankets in your closet obsolete. Can you even imagine having a dry, stain free butt after an afternoon picnic? Novel concept, we know. Fully waterproof on one side, and unbelievably soft plush on the other (which is also astonishingly waterproof) OR spring for the beautiful selection of cozy Pendleton wool fabrics. Wrap yourself up and stay cozy, lay it down anywhere for a soft, dry seat, or, in the case of Clayton, cofounder here at Rustek, use it to patch the roof or your RV when gale force winds rip your roof hatch off. Warm and dry through a blizzard all weekend, even held up on the drive home! Truly multifunctional outdoor product here. 10/10 can recommend.
Goes great with our Insulated Wood Drinkware: hot/cold drinks and dry butts! Good times.
Shwood 'Studio' Shades
Every adventurer needs a good pair of sunglasses and, if you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty partial to wood here at Rustek. Chances are if you like our stuff, you’re gonna love Shwoods’ uniquely crafted wood frame sunglasses. Wood sunglasses have been around a while, but Shwood has been ahead of the curve at every turn, making sunglasses with the most beautiful and functional applications of natural materials out there. Ever heard of pinecone sunglasses? Yeah, you’re gonna have to talk to Shwood for that. With tons of colors, materials and styles to choose from, you’ll find the perfect pair for the stylish adventurer on your list (and maybe one for you, too. Who doesn’t need a pair of these?).

Complete the look with an inlay cap: Doug Fir Inlay Trucker Cap
Can you really consider yourself an outdoors-person without a decent pocket knife? We think not. Its the single most basic, most functional tool that you can own, in our eyes there is no substitute for a good pocket knife. With functional designs, streamlined style, and an unrelenting commitment to using the highest quality materials, we’d recommend Benchmade’s line of supremely functional knives to anyone with a discerning eye for the little details that make all the difference. Rustek team member Adrian has sworn by them for years, from truck repairs to sculpture class, these knives are the ultimately satisfying tool for the job.  
 Blackfern Assorted Shapes
Legendary PNW surfboard shaper Mike Hall is one of the leading shapers of the northwest, making a wide selection of fun, specialized shapes designed to shred the absolute hell out of PNW surf. Each board is totally customized to fit its rider’s style, size and specifications. Plus, Blackfern recently made the switch to make all their products to meet the ‘ecoboard’ certification. They’re now made with bio-based epoxy, recycled materials, and wooden fins to replace plastic. A handmade, eco-friendly, personalized surfboard? That’d make one happy surfer!
TREW's Trewth Bib
After almost 20 years of snowboarding, Rustek cofounder Miles Hume’s life changed when he discovered Trew’s snow bibs.  No more soaking T-shirts or snow up the back after a wipe-out? "I can tomahawk all day and stay warm and dry!" He exclaimed, it was truly a moment to remember forever.  Are we being dramatic?  Maybe, but Trew makes fantastic, lightweight bibs that’ll keep your dry and happy all season long. Shop local and support small business while dialing in your shred kit, without sacrificing quality or style. Now thats a win-win-win if you ask us. Plus, they offer an excellent line of technical base and mid layers, like the Half Jack, an insulated hybrid layer, specifically designed to be worn with their bibs. Top quality, stylish outerwear and layering.
Nau Clothing
Sustainable, stylish waterproof layers. When you’re living in the PNW, waterproofing is essential consideration for most daily outfits. Take it from Rustek team member, Adrian, who bikes to work throughout the rainy Portland winter: there is no substitute for quality, presentable waterproof layers. We know that high-tec waterproof clothing is usually made with some of the least eco-friendly materials out there. What we love about Nau is they’ve pioneered eco friendly waterproofing technology that skips the nasty chemicals, so it feels almost as good on your conscience as it does on your back.

For everything else: 'cause not ALL great gifts are outdoor gear.

Pak Hye Goods Bar Necklaces
If you’ve got a mountain loving lady in your life, but like the guys on our team, you could use some help narrowing things down in the jewelry world, well Sue at Pak Hye goods has been perfecting her designs for the mountain loving ladies of the world for over a decade, you won’t find more beautiful brass jewelry. Plus, they make some EPIC rings, caps and bracelets for the guys. Ever heard of etched BRASS GUITAR PICKS?? Thought not. You can’t go wrong with PakHye. Unless she only likes silver jewelry... Then you’re on your own fellas.
Eastside distilling's line of Burnside Bourbons
For the cocktail connoisseur on your list, you can’t go wrong with Burnside Bourbon. They have an option for every palate and budget, starting mild and delightful with their $25 bottle, up to their much richer, smokier, more complex bottles on the top shelves. We love that it’s aged with the good old Oregon White Oak, and they’ll love that it’s small-batch and each flavor packs an oh-so-subtly different punch.

Could go great with our Engraved Bamboo Coaster Set
Jacobsen Salt Sampler Pack
 If you’ve got someone on your list that loves cooking, you know how hard it can be to find something they don’t already have.  Stop scouring the internet for yet another kitchen gadget they probably already have and head over to Jacobsen Salt.  They source from the Oregon Coast and craft some surprising flavors that are sure to bring any dish, drink or dessert to the next level.  Habanero salt anyone?
Grovemade Wireless Charger
If you want a beautiful wireless charger that will do the same for your bedside table that our cases do for your phone (aka make them awesome) -- Grovemade is here with what we think are the most beautiful wireless chargers out there. Their design focused on being more a piece of furniture than a charging cord, a constant, intentional installment in your home environment. One that you would WANT to be a part of your space, and to look at. You can say that again. Great job to the team over at grovemade, these are the best looking wireless chargers we’ve ever seen, we’d put one on every table we own if we could afford to. 

Could go great with one of our cases
We all know someone that takes a little extra pride in their grooming routine. If someone on your list is a fan of the straight razor or has been wanting to try it out, Portland Razor Co makes the most unique, handcrafted straight razors we’ve seen. Each one comes hand honed to 12k grit (!!!!) for a shave unlike anything you’ve ever had, straight out of the box. Plus they’re great folks with great advice and classes on maintenance, sharpening, techniques and more. Straight razor shaving is more of a lifestyle, and Portland Razor has the best community resources and accessories in the game.
Thats all for this year, folks! We'll be back with more of our favorite brands from 2021 next year! 

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