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Base Camp Triangle Wood Sticker

Add a rustic touch of adventure to your waterbottle, car, laptop or anywhere you'd put a plastic sticker! Our wood stickers are made from real cherry and maple wood veneer, they are waterproof, flexible and approved for outdoor use. Hand wash with warm soapy water, dishwasher not recommended.

We teamed up with Al Stocker, after being captivated by his pen and ink style and nature themes, to create this collection of adventure inspired designs. We’re SO excited to finally have his designs as part of our sticker collection and we’re stoked you like them too! In the collective spirit of our brand, we encourage you to drop him a follow and check out his website and consider supporting more of his work!

Customer Reviews

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Sleepless Over My Seattle Skyline Sticker!

I still can't believe how your Seattle Skyline Wood Sticker captures the iconic Seattle skyline in a wooden sticker!! The fact that you guys at Rustek plant a tree on behalf of your customers is simply amazing as well. The shipping was quick, too, to put the cherry on my satisfaction sundae!!

I can't wait to make my fairy gardens using these!! Thanks Rustek - y'all rock!!!!


Peaking Wood Sticker

Unique piece of Oregon anywhere you go

I was stoked to find these stickers after leaving Oregon. I put them on my laptop and gets tons of compliments from groups I work with as well as colleagues. No one has ever seen anything like them.


Moonlight Mesa Wood Sticker

Wood sticker

I absolutely loved my sticker! Will be ordering more for gifts!
Thank you so much for doing beautiful work

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