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Camping InTent Wood Sticker

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Rather be camping? Us too. Add a rustic personal touch to your waterbottle, car, laptop or anywhere you'd put a plastic sticker! Our wood stickers are made from real cherry and maple wood veneer, they are waterproof, flexible and approved for outdoor use. Hand wash with warm soapy water, dishwasher not recommended.

We teamed up with outdoor illustrator extraordinaire Liam Ashurst to create these stunning nature scenes, we have loved Liam’s illustrations for years, and we’re SO excited to finally have his designs as part of our sticker collection! We’re stoked you like them too! In the collective spirit of our brand, we encourage you to drop him a follow and check out more of his work!

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Beautiful and super adhesive

The sticker is really pretty and very adhesive. When I got it initially it smelled pretty bad, like they just laser cut it before sending (a high intensity burnt smell), and continued to emit odor for several days after putting it on my water bottle, to the point that the smell was making drinking water unappealing. The smell has since then dissipated. I'd recommend letting the stickers air out for a solid week before sticking them onto anything.

As they promised. The stickers do just fine in water. My water bottle has gone into the dishwasher and it hasn't affected the stickers at all.

Very Unique and High quality

Loved our wood stickers...they are on all 3 of our vehicles and have held up for years...no cracking fading or peeling.

Love my new sticker!

I love putting these Rustek stickers on my water bottle, coffee travel mug and laptop. This one I put on my laptop and every time I look at it makes me happy. Now I have to decide which sticker to get next.

Nick Vannett
Doug Fir Wood Sticker

Fantastic quality, texture on point and looks sick on my Mac!

Shannon Jakosky

I have the phone case and stickers are on car and computer. They are fine outside if anyone is wondering!

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